Traction Tread™ Saddles and Nosings

...for sure footing and ADA detectable warnings.

If you need a durable, non-slip surface, we’ve got the answer. That’s because our Traction Tread rubber is virtually the same kind of material used to make today’s resilient, tough-wearing tires. Its coefficient of friction is even higher in wet conditions than when dry, so it's ideal for outdoor use as well as indoors under wet shoes.

Traction Tread door saddles and stair nosings have profiled grooves fitted with textured inserts of this specially formulated rubber for sure footing. They also provide an aesthetic solution to ADA requirements for detectable warnings on stairs and hazardous surfaces. Unique features include::

  • Easy to keep clean – the attractive surface has no grooves to trap dirt and water.
  • Exceptional durability – without raised ribbing, rubber and metal wear at the same rate.
  • No installation hassles – easy to cut on site and mount using machine screws or lead anchors. Available in segments up to 6" wide, with an interlocking framework that allows additions to larger widths.


Photoluminescent markings are integrated in the outside four grooves of this version used for marking door saddles and stair nosings to facilitate safe emergency exits during building evacuations when power and back-up power systems have failed. It satisfies requirements of New York City’s Building Code Standard RS 6-1/1A.

Traction Tread Glow is recommended for high-traffic installations demanding maximum non-slip safety.

For product details, visit the Thresholds section and Photoluminescent Systems section of our online catalog.

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