Saddles and Thresholds

...built for aesthetics as well as durability.

ZERO’s top-quality materials and construction are designed to stand up to the demands of heavy traffic as well as temperature extremes. Our heavy-gauge material allows you to drill and screw our saddles and thresholds into concrete without the difficulties you’re likely to find using lighter materials, such as buckling under heavy loads or loose screws.

Available in a variety of aluminum, bronze and stainless steel finishes. Options for maximum design and installation flexibility include:

  • Energy-efficient thermal-break door saddles – Unfinished oak inserts in these thermal break thresholds provide an attractive look suitable for high-end commercial applications and possible residential use. (Aluminum inserts also available if preferred.)

    Customize the look as you wish by staining and coating the exposed surfaces. We also offer thermal breaks in a variety of wheelchair-accessible saddles with a one-half-inch rise.
  • Adjustable-width systems with saddle rests that interlock with various size plates. Much easier to trim and fit than conventional, single-size cast-bronze saddles. Our adjustable thresholds install without exposed screws on the base for better aesthetics and durability.
  • Unique Compress-O-Matic® design to ensure an airtight seal even when doors are misaligned because of poor installation, or slightly warped. If the door fails to make contact with the bulb in this neoprene gasket, the extra "finger" acts as a supplemental seal to block air flow.

For product details, visit the Thresholds section of our online catalog.

1Abrasive Thresholds
and Handicap Thresholds
1, 2, 3Utility Thresholds
10, 11Expansion Joint Cover Plates
13Adjustable Interlocking Thresholds
5Extruded Bulb/ Finger
– Compress-O-Matic®
5, 6Rabbeted Thresholds
8, 9Adjustable Thresholds
9Traction Tread Thresholds
11Bulkhead Thresholds
7Ramp Thresholds & ADA Thresholds
12Butt and Transition Thresholds
2, 3, 4Thermal Break
and Carpet Divider Thresholds
14Wheelchair Accessible
Shower Threshold