Company News

Bronx, NY -- May, 2014


This year marks 90 years in business for Zero International. To celebrate the milestone and recognize the support of industry peers and associates who have contributed in so many ways to its success, Zero plans a commemoration during the annual convention of the Door and Hardware Institute (DHI) in Dallas, Texas. Industry professionals are invited to stop by booth # 917 to help Zero celebrate.

Building over the years on its early identity as a weatherstripping manufacturer, Zero has been a pioneer in door and window gasketing since the door and hardware industry emerged as a distinct construction segment soon after the second World War. Its most recent decade has witnessed notable expansion in Zero's direct product offerings and OEM collaborations, as well as both its domestic operations and international sales organization.

In addition to Zero's primary production facility at its Bronx, New York, headquarters, where the company manufactures its specialized door and window sealing systems, Zero now manufactures vision lites and door louvers at its Advantage Lites & Louvers subsidiary in Wallace, North Carolina. Zero also formulates and manufactures INTUMETâ„¢ intumescent materials at its Bronx plant for firestopping applications, as well as fire and smoke door gasketing. And IND-EX, a Zero company based in Middlefield, Ohio, compounds rubbers and manufactures specialty rubber and plastic extrusions to order for many industries and applications. A Las Vegas warehouse facilitates western U.S. distribution. In recent years, Zero has established subsidiaries in Dubai and Chile, joining other Zero companies in the United Kingdom and Japan, as well as numerous sales agencies in its international sales and supply network.

Many of the company's recent product designs reflect growing emphasis on life safety in customer priorities, as well as building codes, which it monitors closely for advising its clients. In response to New York City's 2006 code requirements for exit path marking systems (later reflected in IBC 2009 mandates), Zero developed a complete product line of photoluminecent materials and directional signs to facilitate full compliance for designers, builders and owners, and now manufactures its own photoluminescent material.

As a leader in acoustical design for doors, Zero also tracks fast-evolving noise standards as they are incorporated into local building codes. The company continues partnering with other door and hardware manufacturers to develop acoustical assemblies tested as a unit for seamless performance in meeting new and demanding standards in market segments ranging from broadcasting and performance venues, to schools and healthcare facilities.

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