Door Hinges all hinges on our name!

Everything you want in a hinge—easy to install, designed and built by ZERO to last, most in stock and ready to ship from East or West Coast.

Our heavy-duty UNIGEAR® continuous hinge systems are perfect for:

  • High-traffic or high-abuse areas where durability counts as much as performance.
  • Effortless door swing without the installation headaches and cost of pivots.
  • Retrofitting damaged doors that can no longer support conventional hinges.
  • New construction that plans to hang around a long time.

We also offer mortise-type cam lift hinges, both light-duty and heavy-duty, for sound control applications or jobsite conditions requiring the door to be lifted out of the opening. Our child finger-guard made from aluminum or flexible rubber shields mortise-type hinges for hospital and workplace, as well as childcare and school applications. Fire-rated hinges available.

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